Wednesday, February 8, 2017

T71 GOTW Rnd 5: "a lovely Closed-Catalan miniature"

Tobiasdelmonte wins GOTW Rnd 5. Nominated by JPSVI, and his most elegant intro is as follows "This is a lovely Closed-Catalan miniature. Black releases the tension in the center with 15...c5 with the object of obtaining a passed and protected center pawn- only to find he has slipped the leash on all of  White's pieces which quickly and concurrently attack every sector of the board. JPSVI". 

Review by f5 GOTW Guru "For the Round 5 Game of the Week, I selected an aggressive Catalan system played by Tobiasdelmonte against Portola.The closed Catalan opening began innocently enough, with both players developing all of their minor pieces and castling within the first 9 moves. White commonly plays 10.Qc2, but Re1 in the game had the same idea in mind: to push e4. However, after recapturing on e4, the Rook awkwardly retreated to e2.Then Black commits a serious positional mistake by committing to 15... c5. Better was Rad8, x-raying the enemy Queen and discouraging the d5 break. Alas, c5 only begs White to play 16.d5. After 17.Bxf6 and 18.Nh4, the Black Kingside was fatally weakened. Had White played Re1 instead of Re2 on move 15, then 21.Qg4 would have immediately ended the contest.White was not to be denied and finds the crushing 21.Re5. Although not checkmate, White immediately won the Bishop on d6. The game might have finished sooner had White found Nf5 on move 25 or 26 (instead of Ne4), but the outcome was never really in doubt. Black ended the suffering by allowing mate in 1 on move 46.

I haven't much to add to their analysis - here is the game!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

T71 Playoffs: A good catch with the French defense

fireball springs a trap with the French defense, winning the first game!