Sunday, December 23, 2012

First post with some Notable games from Team4545 T55. I confess I started editing this Blog Round 1, and now focus on last 2 rounds (5-6) of Tournament.   

Round 5

Brilliant working by lacibacsi of first a Bishop sacrifice, then taking second pawn and forcing the sacrifice when refused, followed by a Rook exchange sacrifice forcing a Queen-Rook exchange by opponent.

A sharp King's Indian Attack which fireball loses after missing a key move. Classic double Queen/King side attack with Opponent running the Queen side attack after King side attack falters!

Round 1

PawnPusher3 employs a cool Queen sac for a quick win! A bust for the Pirc Defense?!

GOTW Round 1! 
and video at

And the point of the game is... checkmate opposing king!  fireball has an even quicker win.

Opposite sides castle - whoever gets the pawns there first wins! hondocando shows how its done.

A premature sac is fatal - monkeyshark is ahead when the smoke clears!

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